Due Cigni Spadino Champagne

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The sommelier's choice when sabrage is on the menu. The Due Cigini Spandino Champagen Saber. Smaller in length this champagne sabre is build for production and ease. The top choice as a groomsman's gift. Comes complete with a custom Italian leather sheath.

In the Italian City of Cutlery, Maniago, DUE CIGNI (Two Swans) has been producing with passion knives of high quality for over a century.

    • Blade Style: Sabre
    • Blade Length: 9.875"
    • Sabre Width: Approx. 1″ at hilt
    • Blade Steel: XSKS 12c27 
    • Handle Length: 5"
    • Total Length: 14.25″
    • Total Sword Weight: 1lb.
    • Shipping Weight3 lb. 0 oz.
    • Origin: Maniago, Italy 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review