Baltaz Lever-style corkscrew with foil-cutter - Black

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Product Overview

Baltaz Lever-style corkscrew with foil-cutter black-coloured 14 cm - 5,5in.
The Peugeot Baltaz manual corkscrew is ingenious and surprising. The handles of this lever-style corkscrew hold the bottle in place to remove corks with no effort at all.
All of Peugeot’s ingenuity has been distilled to create this tool with its extremely precise mechanism. The Peugeot Baltaz Basalt lever-style corkscrew is equipped with handles to hold the bottle firmly in place so that the cork can be extracted effortlessly. It has been designed ergonomically to provide perfect handling. It will fit any bottle. Its highly elegant contemporary design is available in 3 versions with a range of materials and colors.
The Dark model, with a black grainy ABS surface, offers a universal finish. It is supplied in an elegant box.
This lever-style manual corkscrew is a must have for your home and a great gift to offer to wine lovers among your friends and family.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review