Asarine Red Wine Decanter with Aerator

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This Peugeot wine carafe is equipped with a wide aerator for successful decanting and an anti-drip system for optimum comfort. This wine carafe is both ingenious and elegant.

The Peugeot Asarine wine carafe decanter is equipped with an aerator that is used to oxygenate young wine very effectively by dispersing it widely on the walls of the carafe. The wine is poured onto the wide part of the aerator, and pours widely over the walls of the carafe and is oxygenated intensely to develop and express all its complexity. Wide aeration allows for formation of tannins and the acidity is lessened so that the wine is balanced. This wine carafe made of hand-blown glass also has a Peugeot exclusive anti-drip collar. The latter helps to prevent wine running in drops along the external wall after service.

This carafe is presented in a box.

75 cl - 25,4oz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review